Sunday, December 26, 2010

Free Cowl Patterns

A cowl, from the Latin cuculla meaning "hood and rope," is a garment historically used to give warmth to monks who often spent long hours in unheated and drafty churches. Today, cowls are fashionable neck warmers or hoods usually knit or crocheted in the round using lace and cabling techniques.

  • Quickie Cowl by f.pea
    • Quick lacy pattern that can be both a cowl and a headband
  • Incognito Cowl by Knitty
    • Cowl with mustache knitted into it. Perfect disguise, really. Sizes for both children and adults.
  • Convertible Cowl by The Crimson Owl
    • Chunky cowl that is both a neck warmer and a hood 
  • Skull Cowl by Kimmi's Krafts
    • Two-color pattern with skulls stitched in
Keep in mind.
Most of these patterns are for personal use only. Consult creator of pattern for any questions you have regarding the pattern or the sale of any product resulted from the use of the pattern. 
In addition.
None of these patterns are my own. All rights to all patterns featured here are owned by the creators of the patterns. If any creator would like me to remove the link to his/her pattern, let me know and I will remove any link or reference to the pattern.

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  1. Thanks for sharing my pattern! Great links here...I'll have to check them out. =)