Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hair Accessory Tutorials

Hair accessories make quick and easy crafts, either to keep, give, or sell, and can often be used from materials you can find around your house.
  • Reversible Headbands
    • This tutorial requires fabric, elastic, and interfacing, and comes with a printable template.
  • Hairbows
    • This bow tutorial uses fabric and ribbonand is perfect for anyone you know who hosts teddy bear filled tea parties.
  • Hairclips
    • I personally wear these all the time. You can make them to match every single outfit you have.
  • Dainty Flowers
    • This tutorial involves singeing fabric to create elegant little flowers.
  • Braided Fabric Clip
    • This tutorial involves braiding scrap fabric to make a little colorful circle to wear in your hair. 
    • Again winding fabric into a circle, this tutorial involves a feather as well and is perfect for the aforementioned tea party enthusiast.
    Keep in mind.
    Most of these tutorials are for personal use only. Consult creator of tutorial for any questions you have regarding the project or the sale of any product resulted from the use of the tutorial. 
    In addition.
    None of these tutorials are my own. All rights to all tutorials featured here are owned by the creators of the tutorials. If any creator would like me to remove the link to his/her tutorial, let me know and I will remove any link or reference to it.


    1. Ooo! Fabric covered buttons...yes!! I love them and often have thought I should make my own. Wishing you the best here!!